Sisi Invites German Companies to Invest in Egypt

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi invited the German companies to do business in Egypt in light of the new legislation adopted by the government to improve the investment climate.

Speaking at the economic forum held at the premises of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs on Wednesday 362015, Sisi said he is keen on solving the investors’ problems.

Sisi, meanwhile, affirmed that Egypt is keen to give each Egyptian freedom and respect, adding that Egypt is a civilized nation.

Egypt has 5,000 years of recorded history, he added.

Talking to German businessmen who attended the forum, Sisi said that “if you are keen on human rights and democracy, so come and invest in Egypt and carry out projects and build factories in order to enable youth to find jobs”.

“This will be in the interest of Egyptians and in the interest of stability and social justice because improving the performance of the Egyptian economy will contribute to attaining the values you proclaim for them,” Sisi went on to say.

“These values are difficult to be implemented in societies dominated by poverty and unemployment,” he added.

Sisi also extended thanks to Germany’s Siemens for the agreement it signed with Egypt, adding that it will meet Egypt’s needs of energy.

Sisi further welcomed the German companies to invest in Egypt, saying that there are many investment opportunities given Egypt’s distinguished location.


Source : Egypt State Information Service