Sisi – Egypt Turned the Corner On Unusual Period of Political Strife

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi declared on Tuesday 1692014 Egypt’s course of action to maintain stability, investment and growth.

The President made the declaration in his article on the occasion of holding the Euromoney Egypt Conference that kicked off in Cairo.

He said: “This is an opportune time for the global financial community to come to Egypt to witness firsthand the changes that the country has made over the past year to fundamentally reform the economy and unleash its productive capacity.”

The President added: “Our government is committed to pursuing policies aimed at achieving high and sustainable rates of growth and creating an attractive, predictable, fair and internationally competitive business environment. We know that we face many challenges ahead on both a macro and micro-level before we can fully realize these objectives, but Egypt is on the right track.”

He also stated: “This country is turning the corner on its recent unusual period of political strife and uncertainty, and a positive momentum has already begun. As we now look ahead to fulfilling Egypt’s potential, we invite both domestic and foreign investors to take part actively in the re-invigoration of the Egyptian economy.”

“Egypt’s economic revival is first and foremost being driven by the ongoing restoration of confidence in the country’s path. This reflects the improvement in political stability as we have implemented our political roadmap. So far we have succeeded in implementing two of the three major milestones outlined in the roadmap, namely adopting the constitution and holding the presidential elections. The third one – the election of a new parliament – will follow in the very near future”, he added.


Source : Egypt State Information Service