Sis Plan for Boosting Political Participation in Coming Parliamentary Elections

Within the framework of the State Information Service (SIS) plan for boosting the political participation in the parliamentary elections, and as a completion of the third national step of the future roadmap, SIS Chairman Ambassador Salah Abdel-Sadeq said that the internal media centers existing in all Egypt’s governorates held 122 seminars of political awareness in Nile and media centers since launching the campaign last October.

130 experts participated in the campaign activities to clarify the legislative and legal sides of the coming parliament in the light of the recent parliamentary elections law and encourage citizens to participate in building new Egypt.

The SIS political awareness plan aims at holding 475 political seminars all over Egypt since October till the end of the year. The plan took into consideration the diversity of the experts and their experiences according to the targeted audience, their cultural and demographic responsibilities as well as issues of interest to all Egyptians in the rural and urban areas.

The seminars included a range of issues such as the criteria of choosing the parliamentary candidate and the role of syndicates as well as the partisan, professional and vocational, local, human rights and voluntary institutions and others.

Ambassador Abdel-Sadeq added that the SIS plan for parliamentary elections also aims at utilizing the activities of media offices abroad to elucidate the last step of the future roadmap, provide all information, facilitate the mission of more than 1200 foreign correspondents based in Egypt to cover the elections and release a guidebook on elections.

Besides, public meetings will be held to answer questions on the elections and participation in the electoral process, such as the youth, woman, farmers and laborers representation ratios in the parliament, explain articles related to maximum electoral expenditure, the criterion of election campaigning and means of avoiding the violations of the candidates’ electoral campaigns taking into account equal opportunities so as to contribute to implementing the criteria of fairness and transparency before and during the electoral process.

The SIS Chairman noted that an operations room has been already formed and will continue its activities until announcing the elections’ results. He added that there is a comprehensive coordination with the High Elections Committee and the concerned bodies to provide the foreign correspondents and the citizens with all information and data, as well as the Foreign Ministry in terms of the Egyptian expatriates’ elections.

Source : Egypt State Information Service