SIS Participates in FAJ Activities

The scientific and practical definition of what happened on June 30 confirms that it is a real popular revolution. As one fabric, the Egyptian people railed around a set of goals that the two former regimes could not achieve. Our African extension and foreign policy emphasize that we are always working to enhance Egyptian-African relations and to build bridges of communication and dialogue between the African people.

This came in an address delivered by the State Information Service (SIS) Chairman Ambassador Salah Abdel Sadeq entitled “Media Co-operation Between Egypt and Africa” on Wednesday 2152014 to an African Arabic, English and French speaking media delegation. The African media delegation is hosted by the Federation of African Journalists (FAJ) in the framework of the 43rd session of young journalists in Africa in the period from May 17 to June 5, 2014.

At the beginning of his address, Ambassador Abdel Sadeq pointed to the SIS internal and external role, saying that SIS is one of the communication channels aiming at recognizing the local public opinion stances toward the current issues and events. He asserted that the SIS is entrusted with promoting and conveying facts about Egypt abroad through the SIS press and information offices in the African continent and in many countries around the world, Cairo based accredited correspondents and through hosting many foreign media delegations, particularly from African countries.

Answering questions by members of the delegation about the absence of press and information offices in some African countries, SIS Chairman said that Egypt is keen to have more, however, the budget does not allow opening these offices in all African countries.

Ambassador Abdel Sadeq announced that the SIS and the FAJ will soon sign a protocol of cooperation to exchange experiences and share efforts to achieving more rapprochement between media and research institutions in Egypt and Africa, in addition to providing support for the re-publishing of “African Journalist Magazine”, which was previously published by the FAJ.

At the end of his address, Ambassador Abdel Sadeq added that journalists have to work in order to achieve the interests of the peoples of the continent and to contribute effectively in promoting and supporting African development plans.

Source : Egypt State Information Service

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