Sis Keen On Reaching Out With African Journalists – Sis Chairman

Within the framework of promoting media cooperation between Egypt and its African sisterly countries, Chairman of State Information Service (SIS) Ambassador Salah Abdul-Sadek met on Wednesday 26112014 with a number of African would-be journalists representing different African countries.

The meeting came on the occasion of holding the 44th training session of young African journalists at the headquarters of the African Media Training Center at the State television building.

Addressing the gathering, Ambassador Abdul-Sadek expressed the constant keenness of the SIS to reach out with African journalists through holding a number of meetings and events, the latest of which was the visit of Sudan’s State Minister of Information Yasser Youssef and his accompanying delegation to the SIS headquarters last week, besides hosting a media delegation representing the Nile Basin states.

The SIS is also reaching out with the African journalists via our media offices in Africa with the aim of delivering a true image on the developments in Egypt following the June 30 Revolution as well as the ongoing preparations for holding the parliamentary polls, said Abdul-Sadek.

On the internal front, the ambassador said security and safety have been retained in the country. “Despite the presence of some terrorist acts, Egypt is moving along the right track,” he said.

During the meeting, Ambassador Abdul-Sadek responded to a number of questions regarding the impact of the foreign media on the African media, the possibility of establishing an Arab-African news agency, the challenges facing the African media as well as the role of the SIS in promoting Egyptian-African media cooperation.

Concluding the meeting, Ambassador Abdul-Sadek stressed the need to reach out with the African journalists and to bridge the gap between the Arab and African media to overcome all pending difficulties.

Source : Egypt State Information Service