SIS Is Media Platform to Launch Call for Cooperation Between Egypt, Russia

Within the framework of the role of the State Information Service (SIS) to facilitate the work of the media and popular delegations visiting Egypt, Chairman of SIS Ambassador Salah Abdel-Sadeq held during the last few days several meetings with foreign media and popular delegations visiting Egypt.

On the 50th anniversary celebration of changing the riverbed of the Nile River, Ambassador Abdel-Sadeq received Russian popular delegation, which currently visiting Egypt, accompanied by a group of those who participated in the construction of the High Dam, a group of university professors and Egyptian media men, led by ex-Housing Minister Engineer Hasaballah el-Kafrawy and counselor of Russian space agency Dr. Hussein el-Shafei.

Ambassador Abdel-Sadeq gave a presentation on the role of SIS at home and abroad, confirming that at the internal level the SIS is working on many aspects, most important of which are the political awareness and the importance of political participation, as well as societal awareness and introducing the national and the developmental issues, especially in the field of environment and health.

At the external level, Ambassador Abdel-Sadeq said that the SIS is carrying out its role as the media organ of the Egyptian State entrusted with the promotion of Egypt externally, whether through SIS press and information offices abroad, or through the accredited foreign correspondents.

SIS is keen on providing a favorable climate for the Cairo-based foreign correspondents and rendering available all facts and information to them, being one of Egypt’s most important windows to the world.

For his part, Dr. Hussein el-Shafei said that the visit aims to provide support to the Egyptian side and reflects the desire of the Russian side to cooperate and provide assistance to the Egyptian side in water and energy issues, similar to the steps taken in launching satellite “Egy Sat”. He added that the SIS was chosen as a platform to launch a message calling for the Egyptian government to cooperate and establish a joint committee of experts from Egypt and Russia in water and energy fields.

Source : Egypt State Information Service