SIS Hosts African Media Delegation for Explaining Internal Situation

The State Information Service (SIS) hosted on May 1-10 a visiting African media delegation from several countries including Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, DR. Congo and Burundi. The move comes within the framework of efforts undertaken by SIS to explain the internal situation in Egypt to other countries and boost Egyptian media relations with other African States especially the Nile Basin nations.

SIS has organized several visits and meetings for the media delegation most salient among which was a meeting with head of the 50-member committee which outlined Egypt’s new constitution Amr Moussa. Other meetings were also organized with the ministers of foreign affairs, water resources, agriculture and tourism. The visiting delegates also were furnished with the opportunity to meet with the two presidential candidates. They also had a meeting with members of the 50-g committee that outlined the Egyptian constitution. They called on the Cairo-based African Journalists Union and several press and academic institutions including Al-Ahram, Dar el-Tahrir and the Regional Center for Strategic Studies.

The visit was aimed at briefing the media delegation on the current situation in Egypt and the recent developments in the internal arena in an effort to form an African public opinion supporting the Egyptian government stances especially that these five countries do not have their own correspondents in Egypt and depend largely in their media handling on media outlets of other countries.

The meetings took up several topics atop of which came explaining the steps of the Egyptian political road map and the challenges facing Egypt at the internal level especially terrorism and the role of the police and army in uprooting terrorism. The meetings also touched on keenness by Egypt to resume its activities inside the African Union and regaining its regional role together with establishing joint cooperation with all other African countries in a way that attains development to all African nations. The meetings also underlined the fact that the Nile is an eternal bond among the Nile Basin countries and that the Egyptian people and government are not against development in any African nation on the contrary Egypt will work for enhancing partnership with other African countries in all domains for achieving stability, progress and prosperity to the African peoples.

The visit has been covered by all Egyptian media outlets while the visiting delegates were keen on sending daily briefing to their respective countries about their meetings in Egypt. The first positive sign came in a proposal by some media people for boosting media relations among the Nile Basin countries through launching a league for the Nile Basin media people with its general secretariat headquarters being established in Cairo and a website. Also several positive media reports about Egypt have been published in some media outlets of the African countries from which the media delegation came.

SIS looks forward to hosting more African media delegations in the coming period within the framework of its role in conveying the true image of Egypt abroad. These visits will give SIS the opportunity to explain all facts and refute all claims that give a negative image about Egypt by some African media outlets which depend in their covering on media outlets of other countries.

Source : Egypt State Information Service