SIS Chairman Meets Delegation of Young German Journalists

Chairman of the State Information Service (SIS) Ambassador Salah Abdul-Sadek met Thursday a delegation of young German journalists who are currently visiting Cairo under an invitation from the Egyptian youth minister.

Ambassador Abdul-Sadek posted the delegation on the role of the SIS as the media arm of the Egyptian State that promotes the image of Egypt in the outside world and spread awareness of the development process as well as the national issues likes health and environment at the domestic level.

The delegation was keen on getting acquainted with the programs that the SIS develops for the young people especially those pertaining to spreading awareness and political participation. This is besides the role of the SIS in easing the work of foreign journalists in Egypt.

The Ambassador noted that the SIS is working on deepening the concept of political participation among the different sects of the society through setting up programs for each age group. He said that young people and women are given much attention in this regard through the training courses and seminars that are prepared by the internal media sector.

As for the foreign journalists working in Egypt, Ambassador Abdul-Sadek has reiterated the full keenness of the SIS to provide a favorable atmosphere for them, since Cairo hosts the largest number of journalists among other cities in the region.

“We are keen on keeping constant contact with the foreign journalists in Egypt through organizing monthly meetings that enable them to interview officials, and other periodical meetings to expound the true situation in Egypt,” said the ambassador.

He added that we have finished the registration of the international journalists wishing to cover the Egyptian presidential polls in coordination with the Presidential Elections Committee.

Source : Egypt State Information Service