Security Forces Turn Egyptian Universities Into War Zone Witnesses New Victims [press release]

Today, the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) decried the security forces’ ongoing use of excessive force as well as the violation of the new Egyptian constitution. Such violations were committed following the death of a Faculty of Computer Science student at Ain Shams University, who was shot dead with bullet cartridges fired by the security forces on a student protest march on Tuesday May 13.

A number of Ain Shams University students participated, on May 13, in a march at the university. The march was faced by Egyptian security forces, who fired tear gas canisters and bullets cartouche in front of the university’s back door. As a result, student Mohamed Ayman was wounded to the head with three shots, causing a crack in the brain and lacerations in the cerebellum. Ayman died of his injuries, on Wednesday May 14, in a hospital at Hadayek Al-Zaytoun, where his colleagues transfer him to, for the fear of being arrested in case they transfer him with an ambulance car in front of the university. Moreover, three other students were also injured by gunshot cartouche.

In addition to that, security forces detained six other students and charged them with the murder of their colleague. Three students from the Faculty of Arts Square were apprehended: Faculty of Science student “Mohammed Said” together with Faculty of Arts students “Ahmed Ramadan” and “Ahmed Ezzat”. They were all held in detention at Kasr Al-Wali. Afterwards, the security arrested three others, two Faculty of Medicine students- Mohammed Salem Al-Oraini and Mahmoud Najib Al-Hadidi- and the third student named Amr Gamal. They were all accused, by prosecution, of killing his colleague.

ANHRI believes that “The murder of the Faculty of Computer Science student constitutes a heinous crime that is frequently repeated after June 30 incidents. It also reveals the violent security practices committed against students inside the universities, which has become a real war zone that its lands absorb the blood of new victims every day though they are supposed to be a place for education and bringing up new generations”.

“If the Egyptian security forces don’t halt using their violent security solutions with the peaceful demonstrators who came out to express their opinions, the victims’ number of the notorious Protest Law will constantly increase”, ANHRI clarifies.

ANHRI calls upon the Egyptian authorities to discontinue targeting students, to provide an atmosphere that could help them to learn and innovate instead of targeting them and destroying their future by turning the places where they learn into real massacres. ANHRI, as well, reiterates its demands to annul the notorious Protest Law that curbs freedoms and infringes on the human right to peacefully express his opinion.

Source : Arabic Network for Human Rights Information