Sabahi – Social Justice, Eradicating Poverty On Top of My Platform

Presidential contender Hamdeen Sabahi has said that social justice and the eradication of poverty are on top of his electoral platform.

Saturday marks the start of electoral campaigning after the Presidential Election Commission officially announced Sabahi and his rival Abdel Fattah al-Sisi the two contenders of the presidential race.

At a press conference held in Assiut on Saturday, Sabahi said that his platform caters for “regional justice so that all governorates get an equal share of the state budget and of job and development opportunities”.

He asserted that he will not allow the return of Mubarak’s and Mursi’s policies.

Our platform is transitional justice, which means conducting swift and just trials to hold accountable those who have done wrong to Egypt, Sabahi said at the conference broadcast by CBC Extra channel.

He described his platform as “triumphing for man’s dignity” and expressed his hope that Egypt would witness a huge political, economic and social change.

“We want Egypt to be a transparent country free of corruption and to play a vital Arab, African, and international role.”

According to his campaign, Sabahi has officially begun his electoral campaigning in Assiut as part of giving attention to Upper Egypt’s development.

Electoral campaigning will continue until 23 May. It will be followed by two days of electoral silence after which the elections will be held.

Sabahi is the founder of the Popular Current. He contested the 2012 presidential elections but lost in the first round after he came third.

Source : Aswat Masriya