Sabahi – Egyptians Deserve Social Justice and Human Dignity

Egyptians have the right to live in a country where social justice, human dignity, and national independence prevail, presidential contender Hamdeen Sabahi said.

In a speech broadcast by the state television, Sabahi said, “We toppled two heads of state, but the same policies still continue.”

Sabahi pointed to the need for radical reformation in various state institutions.

Eliminating corruption is the way out of the vicious circle of poverty, he stated.

He also said he will pardon all prisoners of conscience in Egypt.

“We must agree to fight poverty and work on providing real job opportunities.”

Egypt deserves a fair distribution of wealth, Sabahi said, adding that he will have a special ministry for small and medium-sized projects in case of his election.

The contender also stressed that no foreign should be allowed to own any land plots in Egypt.

Source : Aswat Masriya