Public Prosecution Today Releases Representative of Sabahy Campaign [press release]

The Public Prosecution today, Wednesday, released Menshawi Ahmed Menshawi, representative of presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahy’s campaign, after closing the communique No. 241092014 (Nasser City Administrative I).

The campaign representative had objected to the chants inside electoral committee No. 80 at the Experimental School of Al-Sedeeq, in the ninth area, Nasser City. The committee’s counselor ignored his objection.

On the following day the same act was repeated along with uncovering that there is a signature for a person who hasn’t voted yet. When Menshawi objected again and asked for registering this in the closing minutes, the counselor refused and called for security forces that threatened him with attack. Thereafter, he wrote a memorandum of this act and transferred it to Nasser City I police station to file a communique.

Source : Arabic Network for Human Rights Information