Pro-Mursi Alliance Calls for “Friday of Anger” Rallies

The National Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy has called on its supporters to rally on what it called a “Friday of Anger” in continuation of Thursday’s protests.

In a statement it issued, the coalition said that the “July 3rd Uprising” will continue.

Thursday July 3 marked the first anniversary of the ouster of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi following mass protests against his ruling.

The Muslim Brotherhood, from which Mursi hailed, labelled Mursi’s ouster a coup.

The alliance, which supports the deposed president, had previously urged its supporters to stage demonstrations across the country on Thursday.

Three people were killed in clashes that erupted yesterday between security forces and pro-Brotherhood demonstrators in Cairo and Giza.

Two others were killed when a bomb went off on Thursday morning.

The coalition was established in June 2013 to back the deposed president and grouped all pro-Mursi Islamist alliances.

Since July 2013, security forces have arrested Brotherhood leaders and thousands of its members after charging them with killing protesters, inciting violence, torching churches and other charges.

Source : Aswat Masriya