Prime Minister Announces New System for Social, Economic Reform

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab said the Egyptian government has drawn up a new system for social and economic reform to ensure protection for those who deserve subsidies.

The remarks were made during a meeting with editors-in-chief of State-owned and private newspapers on the sidelines of Mahlab’s visit to Duabi.

“The economic reform program should not be reduced to subsidies’ system as it is a part of the reform system,” Mahlab said.

Mahlab underscored that the economic reform will not harm low-income people.

“Low-income people are a red line,” Mahlab said.

He noted that the reform system has a specified time frame and includes an economic package.

“It is not linked with the presidential elections or the candidate who will win in the forthcoming polls,” he said.

Mahlab pointed out that a new tax and legislative reform will be put forward to attract further investments, increase national income and improve the living conditions of citizens.

He noted that the government has geared up for the long-awaited presidential polls, slated for May 26-27.

The army and police forces have wrapped up plans to secure the planned elections, Mahlab said.

He reiterated thanks to Arab countries that supported and still support Egypt.”

Source : Egypt State Information Service