Presidential Elections Observation Findings Second Report [press release]

The Egyptian Coalition for Monitoring of Elections (ECME) continues to monitor the Presidential Elections and issues its second statement detailing all violations observed by ECME until Midday.

Witnesses and Candidate agents prevented from accessing the polling stations:

Daqahliyah governorate:

Egypt is My Country Front (Masr Balady) issued ID cards for the voters that are similar to the accreditation cards issued by the Presidential Elections Committee (PEC). PS Chairs allow them into the polling stations to witness elections. As a result, ECME witnesses who carry PEC accreditation are banned from entering the polling stations under the pretext that there are other civil society witnesses.

Minya Govoernorate

In front of PS no. 17, the Old Secondary School for Girls, there is a girl wearing a T.shirt carrying Al Sisi’s picture and playing songs promoting this candidate blaring in a microphone.

On the gates of Abnaa El-Thawra Primary School, there is a campaign banner for Hamdeen El Sabbahy.

Luxor Governorate

There are campaigning materials, pictures for Sisi and Sabbahy, present in the vicinity of PS no. 5, The Mixed Primary School.

Daqahliyah Governorate

– Campaigning booths for Abdel Fatah El Sisi are located in the streets of Al Kurdy and Riyadh cities, Minyet El Nasr.

– Stereos playing Teslam Al Aiyadi in Al Qawmiyah School.

– Egypt is My Country Front issued ID cards similar to the accreditation by PEC. The Front’s members are instructing voters to vote for Sisi.

Damietta Governorate

– In the vicinity of Othman Ibn Affan Secondary School, there is a car (License Plate no. 7473 Ta’ Dal Seen) carrying a big poster of the presidential candidate Abdel Fatah El Sisi.

The New Valley Governorate

Campaigning activities for Sisi are taking place in front of polling stations no. 7 and 8, Al Naser Preparatory School for Boys and Girls.

Violence and Thuggery

Al-Fayoum Governorate

Gammal Abdulnasir Secondary School, an IED found in a garbage can was defused at 10:00 am.

Muslim Brotherhood supporters blocked Ka’aby Road until police forces had it under control by 11:40 am, as the former have set fire to cars and crushed any car passing the road.

PS no. 28, Abubakr Al-Siddek Preparatory School, Yousef Al-Siddek District – an improvised explosive device (IED) exploded at Al-Moushrik Qibly Village, Yousef Al-Siddek District, with no reported injuries.

Errors inside and Outside the Polling Stations

Al-Minya Governorate

Absence of voters’ lists inside PS no. 2, Al-Itihad Primary School, Deer Mouas District.

Absence of voters’ lists inside PSs 57, 58, and 59, Al-Birgayah Primary School, Al-Minya district.

Absence of voters’ lists inside PS 25, Al-Thawrah Preparatory School.

In PS 21 of the same school, the ballet box carries a sticker saying “PS no. 60”. ECME’s witness intervened and asked for correcting this error, and the relevant judge removed the sticker.

Absence of voters’ lists in PS no. 5, Al-Omahat School, Deer Mouas District.

PS no. 24, Saf Al-Sharkiyah Primary School, a citizen is using a laptop to search for voters’ polling stations.

Laptops present in front of PSs no.19 and 20, Al-Qawmiyah School.

PS no. 20 of the same school, the PS’s number is not written down on the ballot box.

PS no. 18, Al-Minyah Al-Jadidah Secondary School, the witness found that the ballot box bears a sticker saint PS no. 20.

North Sinai Governorate Some voters could not find their names in voter lists although they found themselves registered at Abusakil Primary School online.

Beni Suef Governorate

Security forces did not permitted some witnesses to access PS no. 36, Al-Shaheed Anwar Al-Sadat School without giving any reason.

Source : Egyptian Organization for Human Rights