Presidential Election Monitoring Outcomes 2014 Report 11 [press release]

The Egyptian Coalition for Monitoring of Elections (ECME) continues, Wednesday 28th of May 2014, to witness the Presidential Elections and issues its eleventh statement detailing all violations observed by ECME in the third day of the voting.

Violence and Thuggery:

Dakahlia Governorate:

Security forces found a bomb near a polling station in literature colleague in Mansoura.

North Sinia governorate:

Armed attach on girls secondary school in Rafah amp armed forces tackled it.

Miniya Governorate:

3 member of Muslim brotherhood group jailed for 4 days in Delga village, DierMouas accused of obstructing electoral process amp throwing rocks in front of PSs.

Giza governorate:

Riot ampthuggary attack from some MB supporters on a citizenamp he has been transferred to Ayaat central hospital, in front of Amir Elshoaaraa school in Bershant, Alayaat center.

Demitagovernorate :

Supporters of ” supporting sharia alliance ” are terrifyingamp preventing voters form entering polling stations in front of Azhariboys institute.

Violations inside and outside PSs:

Miniya governorate:

Phosphoric ink is not used despite its availability inside PS no. 32 Sadr Hospital in Minyacity .

No Phosphoric ink available in PS no. 92 in preparatory boys school in Samalot center.

Influencing Voters’ Choice

Miniya Governorate:

Members of Future of A Country (MoustaqbalWatan) Campaign are instructing the citizens to vote for Al-Sisi in front of PSs no. 23,24 , Derinoha school.amp PSs no.71 in Tawfikia primary school in Samalot.

Campaigning activities:

Cairo governorate:

Posters for presidential candidate Sisi on Ali Garem primary school’s walls in Manial .

Alexandria governorate:

PS no.40 Taseenelzohoor primary school chief dismissed a voter wearing Nekab for instructing voters to vote for hamdeen.

Sharkia governorate:

Pro presidential candidate Sisiare playing patriot songs in front of PS. Hessieniagirl’s secondary school.

Miniya Governorate:

Truck no ( 40684, Miniya) ampToktok affiliated to nour party campaigning for Sisi in front of Elbosta primary school, PS no. 3 in Samalot .

Witnesses and Candidate Agents Prevented from Accessing the Polling Stations:

Dakahlia governorate:

Police forces in PS no. 12 in Alandalusschool prevented Sabahy’s agents from accessing the polling station claiming that they are not allowed to access as long as European Union observers amp when agents reported to international observers security dismissed all of them.

Group Transportation of Voters

Gharbiya governorate

Trucks affiliated to Elnour party in front of Manshia Schools are transporting Sis’s supporters to voteto Polling Stations Adel Ghanem School, Nasser school ampAbdelmegiud Salim in Mahala.

Sharkiya governorate:

Pro- sisi poster on 2 Peugeot vehicles amp another peogout vehicle no(1768) transporting voters to vote for Sisi in PS elsabagh primary school in Hussienia center.

Source : Egyptian Organization for Human Rights