President Underlines State’s Interest in Developing Universities

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has underlined the State interest in developing universities in order to enable them play their role in the field of science, enlightenment, enhancing citizens awareness and effective participation of the Egyptian university students in all domains of life.

The president emphasized the importance of providing equal opportunities in the fields of education and labor, hailing the role of science in achieving political, economic and social development in which youth should take part through their contributions to big national projects topped by the Suez Canal Corridor Development Project, agricultural development projects, housing projects and the national project for building roads.

The remarks were made in the statement the president has given last night at the ceremony held at Cairo University for honoring excellent graduates of the Egyptian universities.

Presidential spokesman Ambassador Alaa Youssef, said the president conferred medals of excellence, second class, on the excellent graduates and then gave a statement in which he referred to the anniversary of the death of late president Gamal Abdel Nasser.

The president greeted all those who took part in the establishment of Cairo University, expressing hope that this university and other Egyptian universities would be among the best world universities.

The president stressed the importance of upgrading students’ level, calling for enhancing their participation in academic development of their universities and applying quality assurance criteria.

The presidential spokesman said the president gave directives for increasing the number of Egyptian scholarships abroad, calling on students not to be dragged to any negative activities or being involved in adopting ideas that aim at undermining the potentials of the homeland.

The presidential spokesman said the president gave directives for earmarking 50% of the seats in the specialized national councils, which will be established and be affiliated to the Presidency soon, for youth.


Source : Egypt State Information Service