President Sisi Meets Pope of the Vatican

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi met on Monday 24112014 Pope Francis of the Vatican and his Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

Sisi praised the stances of the Pope and his efforts in defense of humanitarian issues that are considered common goals for both sides and help bolster bilateral relations, spread moderate thoughts and confront extremist ideas that could certainly undermine the societies.

Presidential Spokesman Ambassador Alaa Youssef said Sisi’s visit to the Vatican comes in response to an invitation from Pope Francis.

The two sides held a closed-door session of talks during which the Pope expressed his conviction of the tolerance of Islam and its noble values, Youssef said.

The Pope reiterated that practices made by some extremist groups did not represent the values and principles of Islam, he added.

The pontiff called for resuming dialogue between al-Azhar and the Vatican through activating the joint dialogue committee with al-Azhar in order to establish common standards upon which the two religions could move to bolster coexistence among the peoples and fight extremist ideas, the spokesman said.

Sisi also held talks with Cardinal Parolin who praised the new Egyptian constitution approved in 2014 and its contents of basic rights and freedoms.

He also commended the stances of the Egyptian Christians who joined hands with their fellow Muslims during the June 30 revolution.

Cardinal Pietro also asserted that the Vatican backed Egypt’s efforts to go forward in resuming the roadmap plan and called for pushing forward cooperation between the two sides in the various fields.


Source : Egypt State Information Service