President Sisi – Current Crisis the Biggest Facing Egypt

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces led on Sunday 2072014 the military funeral held at Almaza air base for the Armed Forces martyrs who fell during the terrorist attack on a border checkpoint near Farafra oasis in the New Valley.

The President offered condolences to the martyrs families, asserting that these treacherous terrorist attacks will not undermine the determination and insistence of the Egyptian people and its Armed Forces to uproot terrorism and extremism.

The President pledged to retaliate for the martyrs saying “l am offering condolences to the whole Egyptian people and not only to the families of the martyrs”. He added that “the martyrs blood is our responsibility”. Sisi confirmed that the current crisis is the biggest to face Egypt as this is the first time in which Egypt is targeted this way.

“Egypt is currently in a war”, Sisi said, asserting that Egypt is targeted.

The President said a committee has been set up to follow up the incident, adding that the assignment of this committee is to review all details in Egypt to know what is going on.


Source : Egypt State Information Service