President Issues Six Decrees

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi issued on Thursday a number of decrees including setting a ceiling for the wages of all state employees.

Under the law, the maximum monthly payment a state worker will get will be EGP 42,000, 35-fold of the set minimum wage figure of EGP 1,200.

The president also issued a decree on a law regulating the issuance of IDs for military and police personnel and the making of their uniforms.

The decree introduced amendments to the penal code, according to Presidential Spokesman Ihab Badmy.

The decreed law aimed at harshening penalties against all those harming public and national security by forging or illegally holding military or police ID cards or making or possessing army and police uniforms, he said.

The decree also made a new addition to the penal code that stipulates penalizing any person involved in digging tunnels or constructing roads or routes in border areas to be used for purposes that are against the law.

El Sisi issued, meanwhile, issued a decree amending some provisions of the Law No. 3 of 2005 on the Protection of Competition and Prevention of Monopolistic Practices. The decision aims at developing the economy and maintaining the interests of all parties in the market, said the presidential spokesman.

The president amended the traffic law, banning trailers from the streets as of 1 August 2015.

According to the new amendment, trailer licenses will be revoked gradually – ascending from the oldest to the newest according to their production date.

The president also amended some provisions of Law No. 148 of 1959 on the civil defense. The decision was issued in light of giving licenses to some shops and public establishments to open, without obtaining an approval of the departments of civil protection, a matter which resulted in the collapse of these buildings and caused causalities.

He also issued a decree approving the reallocation of 205.41 feddans of state-owned lands to the General Authority For Reconstruction Projects and Agricultural Development.

The allocated plots of land will be used in reclamation projects in the new city of Assiut in line with the applicable regulations in this regard.

Source : Egypt State Information Service