Police Intensify Efforts to Thwart Brotherhood Plots – Spokesman

Police have intensified efforts to thwart plots by the terrorist Muslim brotherhood group, said spokesman for the Interior Ministry Hani Abdul Latif.

Speaking to reporters on Friday 04072014, Abdul Latif said police spotted several bids by the terrorist group over past days to intimidate citizens, create a state of chaos in Egypt and plant explosive charges in several areas to destabilize the country.

“During the past few hours, a number of the Muslim Brotherhood members were killed while they were manufacturing explosive devices for being used in terrorist operations,” he said.

Earlier in the day, three terrorists were killed in a blast that rocked a house used to manufacture bombs in Fayyoum.

As many as 39 explosive charges were seized in the house, which is owned by a Brotherhood member, called Ahmed Arafa, according to the spokesman. He pointed out that a blast occurred in an apartment in Giza’s neighborhood of Kerdasa, leaving two Brotherhood members dead.

The Interior Ministry calls on all citizens to cooperate with police to arrest terrorists who want to threaten the lives of citizens.

“The Egyptian people and their security forces will not be deterred by such terrorist acts,” said the spokesman.

Source : Egypt State Information Service