PM to Al-Ahram – Egypt Able to Eliminate Terrorism, Government Has Plans to Launch Preemptive Strikes Against Terrorist Hotbeds

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab said that he refused to resort to borrowing policies, as Egypt is rich with its resources.

In exclusive interview with Al-Ahram, Mahlab said that the government is determined to implement minimum wages limits. Asked about the government’s intentions to increase prices of some commodities and services, he noted that he refuses to raise the prices, his government is currently seeking to find mechanisms to protect the needy.

Fixing the prices is one of the major challenges facing the government, Mahlab added.

With regard to the rise in gas prices, Mahlab pointed out that the decision on gas prices was mainly a restructure of the subsidy on gas with the aim of making sure that subsidy would reach to those who deserve it.

The government has no intentions to impose new taxes, Mahlab said, noting that there is a proposal to impose 5% tax on people, whose income exceeds EGP 1 million, but the government is still considering that proposal.

With regard to Egypt’s war against terrorism, Mahlab said that Egypt is able to eliminate terrorism, as the government has plans to launch preemptive strikes against terrorist hotbeds.

He also asserted that the government has fully supported the police in face of terrorism to achieve the people’s aspirations.

Asked about the upcoming presidential elections, Mahlab said that the experiment of the upcoming presidential elections should send a message to the international community to the effect that the government abides by standards of transparency and stands at equal distance from all presidential candidates.

Mahlab noted that the coming president would be elected according to the popular will, which means that the people have confidence in him. The coming president should rely on the people’s support to solve the country’s problems.

With regard to the relations with Qatar and Turkey, Mahlab asserted that restoring relations with the two countries is linked to their stances towards Egypt, as they should not interfere in Egypt’s internal affairs.

Asked about the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis, Mahlab said that the crisis should be solved through negotiations, adding that Ethiopia’s development did not contradict with Egypt’s national security.

Source : Egypt State Information Service