PM – Social Justice Top Priority for Government

Achieving social justice will always remain the first and foremost target of the government, Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab said Tuesday 2392014.

Mahlab said development and economic growth should come in line with meeting citizens’ needs and fulfilling their desires and aspirations.

The Premier stressed that all social plans for needy people should pay a great attention to health, education and literacy programs, given the importance of these programs for building a modern, healthy, and well-educated society.

Mahlab’s remarks came at a meeting of the ministerial group on social justice which was participated by the ministers of communication, planning, health, finance, manpower, higher education, social solidarity and international cooperation.

During the meeting the Minister of Social Solidarity reviewed two programs aimed at achieving social justice for needy families through supporting them financially and including them under the umbrella of health insurance system, adding that the programs would pay more attention to the elderly and the disabled.

Mahlab directed to outline plans for bringing these programs into effect on the ground.

Source : Egypt State Information Service