PM – Egypt to Offer 40 Investment Projects in Economic Conference

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab stressed on Monday 24112014 that 40 projects would be offered at the economic conference to take place in Sharm el-Sheikh in March 2015.

Mahlab, speaking at the 16th conference of Arab investors and businessmen, said these projects were well studied by 12 financial institutions so that investors would see seriousness in carrying them out.

Some of these projects will be carried out through cooperation between the government and the private sector, others by the private sector alone and some in cooperation with Arab and foreign investors, he added.

Energy projects are a top priority in Egypt “as we need 10,000 megawatts within the coming four years”.

About measures taken by the government to encourage investors, he said the government sought to enact a law that would unite all bodies the investors had to deal with into one to facilitate a project to start.

Talks are underway with Arab investors, businessmen and chambers of commerce to know the problems facing them and ways of solving them, he said.

He called for drafting a sustainable tax policy that would assure investors and create an environment capable of luring investors.


Source : Egypt State Information Service