PEC – Unprecedented Turnout On 1st Day of Egyptian Expatriates Vote

The first day of Egyptian expatriate vote has seen an unprecedented turnout especially in Arab Gulf countries. Polling stations opened for voters in the set time according to the local time of each country.

Within the framework of efforts exerted by the Presidential Elections Committee (PEC) to follow up the vote in presidential elections, the general committee for Egyptians abroad is in an open-ended meeting. An operation room has been formed including members of the committee and technicians from the ministries of communications and administrative development. The room is equipped with screens showing the polling stations from inside and an updated statement about the number of voters and polling stations.

As for reports carried by some electronic sites to the effect that some diplomatic missions are using non-transparent and cardboard balloting boxes, it was verified that the boxes used are those available and common in elections in these countries with representatives of both candidates attending the balloting process. No complaints or challenges were received on this score. The committee has watched life footages from inside the polling stations showing the boxes used in this regard.

As for reports about an attack against our embassy in Istanbul, the committee asserts that these reports are groundless and bare of truth. Only some 20 people were gathering outside the headquarters of the Egyptian diplomatic mission.

The PEC confirms that our embassies and consulates abroad have no authority outside their headquarters in accordance with international agreements regulating diplomatic immunities and franchises. Also, the period of electoral silence has been set by the law in a very strict way which is two days before the date of holding the election inside Egypt. This explanation came in response to remarks made by the campaign of a presidential candidate via an electronic site in some sub-polling stations abroad on the backdrop of electioneering activities undertaken by supporters of the other candidate outside some polling stations abroad.

The PEC asserts that it does not wait to receive any complaint but follows up all problems and hindrances and seeks solving them.

Source : Egypt State Information Service