PEC – No Ratios, Numbers About Elections Released So Far

Secretary General of the Presidential Elections Committee (PEC) Counselor Abdel Aziz Salman asserted that reports published on some websites about ratios and numbers of the presidential elections are groundless and unfounded.

He added that the PEC has not announced any ratios or numbers yet. Salman confirmed as well that reports about setting up polling stations for voters casting ballots outside their governorates of residence are also unfounded and that the citizens who did not express their wish to cast their vote out of their governorates before the registration deadline can only vote in their home electoral district.

He also said that reports about extending the voting period for one extra day are not accurate.

He also stressed that his statements about writing a word or outlining a drawing on the ballot card are aimed only to give an example regarding the validity or invalidity of balloting and the best thing to do is to put the required tick, he said adding that it is not appropriate to keep other voters waiting.

Source : Egypt State Information Service