PEC Meets EU Presidential Election Follow-Up Mision

The Presidential Election Committee (PEC) met on Sunday 1852014 under its chief Counselor Anwar el-Asy with the head of the European Union (EU) mission that will be following up the coming presidential elections in Egypt slated for May 26-27.

The meeting, that took place immediately after the arrival of the head of the EU mission to Cairo, reviewed measures of the EU team in Cairo and what the PEC and other State departments could do for easing up these measures.

The two sides confirmed their keenness on maintaining the job of the mission during the election.

The PEC, in cooperation with other State departments, removed all obstacles that would hinder the EU mission while following up the election.

All equipment that will be used by the EU group in their job in Cairo were cleared. The head of the visiting mission asserted that nothing would impede his team from doing their job in Cairo.

Source : Egypt State Information Service