PEC – Egyptian Expatriate Vote in 2014 Presidential Elections Exceeds Turnout in 2012 Presidential Elections

At 08:15 pm on Monday 1952014, the last day of Egyptian expatriate vote in the presidential elections, the number of voters has exceeded the total number of those who voted in the 2012 presidential elections, whether in person or by mail which reached 60% of the total number of voters.

The number of those voted in the 2014 presidential elections reached 315.000 voters compared to 314.329 voters in the first round of the 2012 presidential elections.

The voting is still ongoing until 9 pm according to every country’s local time.

The Presidential Election Committee (PEC) hailed the Foreign Ministry and its staff for the efforts they exerted and the Egyptian expatriates for their unprecedented participation in the 2014 presidential elections.

Source : Egypt State Information Service