Official – Shipments Sent to Palestinians in Good Condition

In response to the reports circulated by various news web sites and repeated by a number of irresponsible Palestinian entities regarding the shipments of food and medical aid presented by the Egyptian Armed Forces and the Red Crescent to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian brothers in the Gaza Strip during the tragic events currently transpiring, an official source unequivocally denied these reports, affirming that all of the shipments sent to the Palestinian people, whether food or medical supplies, were in good condition. The source stressed that the Egyptian authorities were keen to confirm the production dates of the supplies and ensure that they are appropriate for consumption before sending them.

The official clarified that the amount of assistance provided by Egypt since the beginning of the current events and until today exceed 49000 crates of food and 5 bales of medicine. The Egyptian Red Crescent has sent 1000 blankets, 15 tons of medical supplies and medicine, 20 tents, 5 tons of food, half a ton of children’s necessities.

The official added that these insidious allegations come in the midst of a suspicious media campaign undertaken by a number of forces directed by foreign aims and agendas with no concern for the Palestinian national interest, and which target Egypt’s role in support of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian brothers. The official affirmed that such accusations will not deter the Egyptian state from pursuing its historical role and standing beside the brotherly Palestinian people during their current crisis by providing all forms of political, material, and humanitarian support, in order for them to realize their legitimate aspirations for establishing their own independent state on all of their national soil, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The official added that these positions taken by Egypt are based on principle and will not be affected by such lies, falsehoods, and accusations, made by those who serve interests which can be described as suspicious and contrary to Palestinian interests to say the least.

Source : Egypt State Information Service