November 28 Chaos Scheme Fails

The plan of terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and its supports to spread violence has failed following the invitation for demonstrations launched by the Salafist front and supported by the terrorist group under the rubric “Muslim Youth Revolution.”

Security bodies supported by army troops have managed to put the situation under control and to maintain security all over the country.

Contrary to plans of the terrorist group and its supporters, calm was reported in the majority of streets and squares in Egypt.

The streets of the capital were free from usual congestion with exception to some volatile hotbeds in Cairo and Giza.

Egyptian citizens have shown unprecedented insistence on defeating terrorism, completing the march of stability, completing the commitments of the road map and confronting calls for sabotage and political violence.

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab set up a work group at the cabinet for following up events through the video with the aim of keeping assured about the stability of the security conditions in Cairo and governorates.

In press statements, Premier Mahlab highly appreciated the stance of the Egyptian people, the armed forces and police for resisting calls for making sedition.

He said events have demonstrated the Egyptian people’s keenness to keep building and vigilance of the Egyptian state.

He said the Egyptian people are determined to confront terrorism adding any person who dares to attack a public or private facility will be referred to the military court.

He said demonstrations are all threats which aim at trading in religion adding the army and police are spread everywhere for safeguarding the people and the state facilities.

He stressed that governors should provide all services and basic needs of the people.

Governors and security directors in the governorates said the security condition in majority of regions and vital squares was good, as some limited demonstrations have been contained.

Security directorates informed the operations theatre that 8 homemade bombs were defused in sporadic parts of the republic and that a demonstration in the vicinity of Itthadeya presidential palace was aborted.

Hotbeds of tensions were focused ion Mattareya and Ain shams districts in Cairo as one person was killed and 12 others were injured.

Security bodies seized a big quantity of arms and flags of Al Qaeda organization. Some 189-riot makers were also arrested. Some districts in Giza also witnessed attempts to make troubles.

One army Brigadier was killed in Gisr El Suez Street after his vehicle was targeted by unidentified gunmen. Two of his escorts were also injured and were rushed to hospital for treatment.

Citizens in Cairo and governorates organized demonstrations in support of the army and police in a spontaneous reaction to calls for wreaking violence and instability.


Source : Egypt State Information Service