Namibian Student Volunteers in Egypt

Two students from the International University of Management (IUM) last week departed for Egypt to serve as international volunteers.

Both students, Magano and Mpingana Kapuka, doing their fourth year at IUM will receive training in Entrepreneurship and thereafter would have to tutor fellow young people in Egypt and in Namibia on entrepreneurship and how to start-up businesses. They have been involved in volunteer work since 2012 for different charity organisations and corporations. “Volunteering comes from the heart. Learning new things just by helping others is experiential. I need this trip any many others to come so I can see a different perspective of the world and get exposed to different environment and with that I can influence my fellow young people in Namibia to go out there and look past the money,” said 21-year-old Mpingana.

Mpingana added that it is up to the youth to stand up and start working voluntarily to shape their future. “The youth have it all wrong. They are all about money. Sometimes you don’t have to opt for a million dollar project, volunteering is also a good way to start up and build your future. Nobody will help you if you are not willing to get up and do something for yourself, its time you lead by example,” said Mpingana.

“If you can do a job well committed without getting paid then investors or employers will not doubt your capability. For self-development, we all need to start somewhere,” said Magano, adding that she can’t wait to return to Namibia to share her experience and knowledge with fellow youth. The volunteers will be in Egypt for seven weeks. The National Youth Council of Namibia (NYCN) in this regard will fund all the cost of these two Namibian youth volunteers including their stay while in Egypt to the tune of N$33 000.

Source : New Era