Mufti – Al Azhar, Iftaa House Bulwark Against Radical Ideologies

Egypt’s Al-Azhar and Iftaa House are its “intellectual fortress” that counters radical and terrorist ideologies, Mufti Dr Shawqi Allam said Wednesday 2492014.

The Iftaa House plays a role in countering radical ideologies, Dr Allam told New Zealand’s Ambassador to Egypt David Strachan.

Allam said that jihad in Islam is meant to help oppressed peoples and not to murder peoples and sabotage property of the enemy.

What terrorist organizations do has nothing to do with jihad, Allam stressed.

He told the diplomat that the Iftaa House is following with great concern the increasing number of Europeans joining terrorist groups.

The Iftaa House will release an Islamic encyclopedia in English to correct the wrong conceptions about Islam, Allam said.

For his part, Strachan highly appreciated the role played by the Egyptian Iftaa House in the face of terrorism and extremism.

He said his country backs aspirations of the Egyptian people to achieve security and stability.


Source : Egypt State Information Service