Mamish – All Countries Invited to Invest in Canal Corridor

Head of Suez Canal Authority (SCA) Mohab Mamish said all countries are invited to invest in the New Suez Canal Corridor, asserting that all kings and heads of states from all over the world are invited to the inauguration of the new Suez Canal.

Addressing a press conference on Saturday 13062015 to announce details of the New Suez Canal inauguration ceremony, Mamish said a new bank account will be opened at all Egyptian banks for Egyptians willing to take part in the ceremony. He made it clear that it will be a participation bid and not a donation.

Mamish said dlrs 100 billion annual revenues are expected from the new navigation course along with investments that will be launched after the infrastructure projects are finalized to serve all mega projects held on the brinks of the canal’s corridor.

Mamish announced that WPP aertising company has won the right to organize the canal’s inauguration ceremony in cooperation with SCA.

SCA Chairman said that the actual completion of all dredging works at the New Suez Canal project will be in mid-July ahead of the official inauguration on August 6.

Only 54 days remain for the opening of the mega economic project, in which 4,800 pieces of equipment were used and over 250 million cubic meters of dry sand were lifted, Mamish added.

Sand dredging activities will be completed on July 15 as nearly 85% of the work has been done, Mamish said.

Mamish pointed out that over 219 million cubic meters of water-saturated sand or 85% of the target have been lifted from the site.


Source : Egypt State Information Service