”Maheinour El-Massry” Sentenced to Six Months and EGP 50000 [press release]

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) condemns the verdict returned, on July 20, against activist “Maheinour El-Massry” to be imprisoned for 6 months and fined EGP 50000.

Alexandria Appellant Misdemeanors Court, in its hearing held on July 20, decided to formally accept the appeal and substantively overturn the appellant’s verdict, which was two years in prison and a fine of EGP 50000. It ordered El-Massry’s imprisonment for 6 months and a fine of EGP 50000. Noteworthy, El-Massry faced accusations of protesting without a license and attacking the security forces. This verdict came against the backdrop of El-Massry’s participation, along with a group of activists, in a peaceful march on 2 December 2013 during the trial of “Khaled Saeed” killers.

The security forces then used the excessive violence to break up this march. Memorably, Maheinour El-Massry won the French “Ludovic Trarieux” award on 25 June 2014, while she is being jailed.

“This unfair verdict is part of a series of targeting human rights activists through introducing repressive laws like “Protest Law”. In addition, the intransigence of using it is a clear encroachment on freedom of expression and opinion and also the right to peaceful demonstration guaranteed in all the international agreements and covenants,” ANHRI says.

ANHRI calls upon Egyptian government to urgently release “Maheinour El-Massry” together with the activists are being detained in view of cases related to freedom of expression as well as the notorious “Protest Law”, and to drop all the sentences against them. It also reiterates its call of eradicating the repressive “Protest Law” and the respect for citizens in the peaceful protests.

Source : Arabic Network for Human Rights Information