Interior Ministry Succeeds in Securing Presidential Elections 100 Percent

Assistant Interior Minister for Information and Public Relations Major General Abdel Fattah Othman said the main operations room at the Ministry did not detect any irregularities in front of the voting stations with exception to attempts by some elements to set fire in a Cairo voting station. Police arrested criminals who are currently being interrogated.

He said the police managed to secure the voting process without any impact on the public security assignments all over the republic. He said this has remarkably limited crime rates and secured citizens who intensively took part in voting.

He said the security plan prepared by the Ministry of Interior was l00% successful, adding intensive deployment by the Armed Forces and Police prevented any hostile acts in front of the voting stations or preventing citizens from casting their votes.

He said Minster of Interior Major General Mohamed Ibrahim was following up the progress of the voting process during the past three days, adding policemen have efficiently played their role.

For his part, Assistant Interior Minister for Public Security Major General Sayed Shafiq said coordination between the Armed Forces and Police before and during the voting process has created a feeling of security to citizens to exercised their voting right to select their president freely.

He said the main goal of police since the January 25th and June 30 Revolutions is to safeguard citizens and protect their public and private property. He said police will always remain at the service of the people.


Source : Egypt State Information Service