Interior Ministry – Security Forces Foiled Terrorist Plans

Security forces, supported by army troops, achieved their tasks efficiently, said a statement by the Interior Ministry.

The troops managed to achieve the goal and foiled terrorist groups’ attempts to terrorize Egypt. They confronted all terrorist plots and dealt with in line with law.

As many as 224 people were arrested over riots while 10 explosive devices were defused in various provinces nationwide.

Calls for riots and violence on Friday were firmly contained by security forces, the ministry said, adding that eight explosive devices went off in various spots nationwide.

Four policemen, including two officers, were injured when an explosive device went off in Abu Kebeir, Sharkiya, the statement added.

Meantime, a policeman was shot earlier on Friday when a security patrol came under fire in Alexandria, the statement said.

Security measures will be continued to follow up on the security situation and foil any further terrorist plots.


Source : Egypt State Information Service