HPEC – Sabahi Conference Violates Regulations of Electioneering Propaganda

The Higher Presidential Elections Committee (HPEC) under Counselor Anwar Rashad Al-Asy said presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi has clearly violated the regulations of the electoral propaganda by holding a press conference explaining his electoral program.

In a statement released on Thursday 01052014, HPEC said it will take all legal measures regarding such violation.

The statement said board Chairman of CBC Extra TV Channel has been notified that broadcasting Sabahi conference was a violation of the propaganda regulations and the program should not be broadcast again.

HPEC has also notified Minister of Administrative And Local Development as well as Daqaliya Governor to remove all violating forms of aertisements at the expense of the violators.

The decision was taken in the wake of filing complaints against two ex-lawmakers who distributed banners in support of one of the presidential candidates in Mansoura before the time set for starting the presidential campaigns.

Source : Egypt State Information Service