High Turnout Seen for Egyptian Voters Abroad – Diplomats

Egypt’s ambassadors said that a high voter turnout has been seen during the two days of the Egyptian presidential elections abroad.

The Egyptian ambassador in Berlin said the voting process in Germany is proceeding in a smooth way, adding that it is expected that the turnout will increase in the remaining two days of voting.

He said that the voter turnout reflects keenness of the Egyptians to outline the future of their homeland, noting that representatives of each presidential candidate have attended the voting process.

The Arab League (AL) is fielding four experts to follow up the elections in Germany, according to a protocol signed between the AL and the Presidential Elections Committee.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian ambassador in Brussels said the two days of voting kicked off amid an atmosphere of tranquility and discipline. He pointed out to the unprecedented turnout of the Egyptian community in Belgium.

In London, the Egyptian ambassador highlighted the high turnout of the Egyptian voters there, adding that Arab and foreign media outlets have been allowed to cover the voting process inside polling stations.

In Lusaka, the Egyptian ambassador said that the two days of the voting witnessed a high voter turnout. He noted that Egyptians came from different Zambian governorates to cast their ballots in the presidential polls.

Source : Egypt State Information Service