FM in Contact With All Missions Following Up Presidential Elections

The Foreign Ministry is in contact with all regional and international missions following up the presidential elections in Egypt, said Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ambassador Badr Abdel Atti on Tuesday 2752014.

He added in press statements that the ministry is seeking to remove any obstacles that would hinder the job of these missions.

Early reports coming in from these missions indicate that there are no violations that would challenge the fairness of the elections, he added.

He quoted head of the Arab League mission Ambassador Haifaa Abu Ghazala to the effect that the ballot casting process inside polling stations is maintained in line with common rules set by the Presidential Elections Committee.

Also, added the spokesman, positive remarks made by the COMESA and Sahel and Sahara missions confirmed the remarks by Abu Ghazala.

He further quoted the head of the European Union mission as saying that the EU delegates are moving freely between polling stations and that there are no incidents hampering the voting process.

Source : Egypt State Information Service