FM – Egypt Did Not Give Up Responsibility Toward Islamic World

Foreign Minister Sameh Shukry on Friday 26092014 said that Egypt has never abdicated its historical responsibility toward the Islamic world despite its current difficult conditions.

In his speech before the Annual Coordination Meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Foreign Ministers in New York, Shukry asserted that Egypt would continue assuming its role as one of the biggest Islamic countries in the world.

The Minister expressed pleasure for attending the OIC meeting, pointing out that the meeting comes at a time when the Islamic nation is exposed to serious challenges, including highly intensified political conflicts and economic difficulties.

Shukry called on the Islamic countries to exert greater efforts and to be in full solidarity and cooperation to face such challenges.

“The Palestinian people have been lately under the worst aggression ever, with no real action from the international community,” Shukry said asserting that Egypt has exerted all possible efforts to stop Israel’s brutal offensive in Gaza.

Minister Shukry also touched upon the situation in Libya, Syria and Iraq, urging warring parties in the three countries to immediately cease fire and resort to peaceful means to end the devastating conditions there.

Source : Egypt State Information Service