FAO Approves Egyptian Initiative to Upgrade Organization’s Work

Egypt’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Ambassador Amr Helmy said that the group of developing countries has agreed on the Egyptian initiative to upgrade the work of the organization with aim of boosting the FAO’s ability to provide aisory services and technical assistance in all relevant fields.

He added that the Egyptian initiative stresses the need of the FAO to establish institutional relationships with the NGOs, private sector and research institutes working in the field of food and water to provide integrated information for the member states on the latest developments pertaining to the increase of productivity of major food crops as wheat, rice and corn as well as the modern technology used in the irrigation systems and wastewater treatment.

This is besides identifying the health and environmental side effects of the genetically modified crops and the latest methods used for recycling the agricultural waste.

Source : Egypt State Information Service