EU Denies Mediation for Brotherhood or Financing Renaissance Dam

The European Union (EU) showed insistence on supporting Egypt and its roadmap, along with continuing the joint cooperation projects between the two sides, considering Egypt a main partner for the EU, along with its great support to the efforts exerted by Egypt for bringing back the movement of tourism to normal.

EU Ambassador to Egypt James Moran said that there are no reconciliation efforts carried out by the EU in Egypt.

No party in the country has requested the EU to undertake mediation and reconciliation efforts, Moran said after winding up his visit to Luxor on Thursday 01052014.

“What we hope is that the presidential and parliamentary elections would help start all over again such efforts for the sake of the country,” the EU diplomat added, pointing out that the best recipe in Egypt’s case is to have a homegrown reconciliation deal.

Moran denied that the EU intends to make any mediation in the coming period between the Egyptian government and the Brotherhood group. He also denied that the EU is financing the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Source : Egypt State Information Service