Egyptian Initiative for Ceasefire in Gaza

Within the framework of its tireless efforts to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip, Egypt floated on Monday 1472014 an initiative for a ceasefire in the enclave.

This came through the contacts Cairo is making with both the Palestinian and Israeli sides. The initiative provides for the following:

middot Israel shall be committed to halt all hostilities on Gaza and pledges not to launch any ground operations against the enclave.

middot All Palestinian factions are called upon to halt all hostilities against Israel.

middot Opening crossings and facilitating the movement of people and goods.

middot 6 am (GMT) on Tuesday 1572014 has been fixed for implementing appeasement understandings. This should be followed by a ceasefire within 12 hours of launching the initiative and its acceptance by the two parties.

middot Cairo is to welcome high level delegations within 48 hours for completing talks on means of shoring up ceasefire.

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukri had a telephone call with the US Secretary of State John Kerry during which they discussed means of ending the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip.

During the conversation, Shoukri stressed the importance of working to reach a ceasefire agreement that spares the blood of the Palestinian people’s sons.

For its part, the Arab League (AL) called on the International Community to move immediately for taking the necessary measures to reach a ceasefire and support the underway efforts for securing commitment to the items of the ceasefire agreement which was reached in November 2012 between the Israeli and Palestinian sides.

The AL considered the recent statement issued by the Security Council on the developments in Gaza as not commensurate with the level of the Israeli aggression crime on Gaza.


Source : Egypt State Information Service