Egyptian Fishermen Detained By Libyan Authorities – Official

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry is following up on the implications of the detention of an Egyptian fishing boat, carrying five fishermen, a foreign ministry official said on Sunday.

Contact has been made with Libyan authorities and tribal elderlies to release the detained fishermen and transport the body of a deceased person on board who died during a shooting, the Egyptian official said.

An Egyptian fisherman from the same village as the detainees said the boat was on a fishing trip in Malta and was attacked on its way back.

The boat was captured by Libyan authorities off the coast of the northwestern Libyan city of Misrata two days ago.

Fishermen from the same Egyptian village as those detained said they received calls from the detainees in Libya, confirming their detention.

Libya has been caught up in unprecedented violence since mid-2014.

The Egyptian official said the capture of Egyptian fishing boats has become a daily occurrence. He added that Egyptians have been warned against going to Libya but many did not comply.

On February 15, the Egyptian abductees were beheaded at the hands of men believed to belong to a Libyan division of the Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria.

Egypt struck militant targets in Libya one day after the beheadings.

Egyptian fishing boats are repeatedly stopped by authorities across the region for breaching their waters, including in Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly issued warnings telling fishermen to cease straying into territorial waters without a permit.

Source : Aswat Masriya