Egypt Warns of Terror Threats to Int’l Security

Egypt’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Amr Abul Atta said on Wednesday 19112014 that Egypt took the lead in warning of the terrorism threats to the international peace and security, especially after a wave of terrorist attacks in Egypt in the early eighties.

Abul Atta made such comments at a Security Council meeting under the rubric “Threats to International Peace and Security Caused by Terrorist Acts”.

Since 1986, Egypt called for holding an international conference on combating terrorism with the aim of deepening the international cooperation to hunt down terrorist cells everywhere and dry up terrorism funding sources through the international financial system.

Abul Atta briefed the attendees on the legal procedures taken by Egypt to confront terrorism and the role played by al-Azhar through propagating the genuine teachings of Islam aimed at rejecting the extremist ideology and facing the strange fatwas.


Source : Egypt State Information Service