Egypt Stresses Support for Ending Division, Bloodletting in Libya

Egypt said on Thursday that it was following with deep concern the ongoing incidents in Libya, stressing its support for all means to end division and bloodletting of Libyans.

In its meeting on Thursday, the Egyptian Cabinet under Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab stressed keenness on the integrity of the Libyan soil and the country’s stability.

It also expressed Egypt’s rejection of any foreign intervention in the North African country’s internal affairs.

The Cabinet condemned attempts by some parties inside and outside Libya to drag Egypt into the ongoing developments in Libya, which Egypt regards as “internal affairs”.

“Egypt is making contacts with all Arab sides concerned with the Libyan crisis, and neighboring countries, to consult over the best ways to get out of the current crisis,” the Cabinet said.

It decided to form a committee under the defense minister to follow up the situation in Libya.

The cabinet stressed that Egypt attached great attention for the lives of the Egyptians living in Libya.

However, it called on the Egyptians not to travel to Libya during the current stage.

Source : Egypt State Information Service