Egypt On Right Track of Respecting Human Rights – Diplomat

Assistant Foreign Minister for International Organization Affairs Ambassador Hisham Badr said that Egypt is on the right track of respecting human rights, noting that Egypt prepared its human rights file in a good way during the UN Human Rights Review meeting.

He said that the Egyptian delegation expounded the political circumstances that Egypt went through during two revolutions and the rapid reshuffle of governments.

The delegation explained the nature of the difficult transitional stage that Egypt is currently passing through as well as the organized terrorist operations backed by the international Brotherhood Organization and other countries, said the Egyptian diplomat.

The delegation further pointed out to the change of the political stance of some Western countries following the speech of President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi at the UN General Assembly meetings, said Ambassador Badr.

He further noted that the Egyptian Foreign Ministry has sent cables to its embassies worldwide to explain the country’s achievements in the field of human rights.

Source : Egypt State Information Service