Egypt Court Upholds Two-Year Sentence Against Mahienour El-Masry

An Alexandria court upheld on Tuesday a two-year prison sentence and 50,000 Egyptian pounds fine of political activist Mahienour el-Masry for violating Egypt’s protest law in December.

In response to the verdict, activists inside the courtroom yelled, “Down, Down with the military rule” and “Protesters are not thugs” before the security forces took them out, an Aswat Masriya witness said.

An Alexandria prosecution ordered the release of Masry, who is a member of the Revolutionary Socialists movement, in April and set May 20 to appeal the two-year imprisonment and 50 thousand Egyptian pounds fees verdict that was issued against her in absentia.

Masry was arrested in April for violating the protest law in December during a demonstration outside the Alexandria Criminal Court, in which the Khaled Said case was being held.

Source : Aswat Masriya