Egypt Condemns Israeli Army Violations and Crimes Against Palestinians

Egypt’s permanent representative to the United Nations Moataz Ahmadein Khalil condemned violations and crimes committed by the Israeli occupation army against Palestinian civilians, including women and children in Gaza, saying that the targeting of civilians and the use of excessive of force are unacceptable and should be confronted.

Delivering Egypt’s statement during a meeting of the Security Council to address the situation in the Middle East, he shed light on Egyptian efforts to stop the Israeli onslaught on Gaza and Egypt’s initiative for a ceasefire which was welcomed by the UN Secretary General during his speech to the UNSC from Ramallah via CCTV and all the members of the Security Council and many UN Member States in their statements.

Khalil said the collapse of the Palestinian-Israeli peace process and incidents of kidnapping and murder of teenagers from both sides, and the exaggerated Israeli reactions in addition to settlers’ repeated attacks on Muslim and Christian Arabs and all the escalations that led to the Gaza war, are all symptoms of the continuation of the occupation, which is the main cause of instability in Palestinian territories and Israel.

He stressed that achieving peace depends on ending the occupation and the establishment of an independent Palestinian State on the borders of June 4, 1967 that peacefully co-exists alongside the state of Israel, warning that the continuation of the occupation will not bring security to the people of Israel and will only bring them death and ruin.

He noted the Israeli settlers’ violent acts against Palestinian civilians.

Also, he commended European countries which recently issued a warning to companies and individuals about the consequences of carrying out any economic activities with the Israeli settlements which they branded illegal entities.


Source : Egypt State Information Service