Egypt Calls for Unified Strategy to Combat Terrorism

Minister of Information Doria Sharafeddin reiterated Thursday the necessity of updating the Arab Media’s Code of Ethics taking into consideration the latest developments in Arab world.

The minister made the remarks in her speech to the 45th session of the council of Arab information ministers that wrapped up activities in Cairo.

“Updating the code of ethics is a necessity that we should take care of,” she said.

The latest developments in the Arab world should be taken into consideration for the best interest of homelands, Sharafeddin added.

“Arab media skies are clouded with many channels that stir sectarian, ethnic and religious disputes imposing bulks of negative impacts on communities,” the minister noted.

Also, she called for outlawing and preventing all forms of foreign interference in Arab countries.

The minister called for ratifying a unified Arab media strategy to combat terrorism, noting that the draft of this strategy has been already prepared through an excelled effort by Saudi Arabia and is now waiting for its final wording.

The ministerial meeting tackled a raft of issues, mainly ways of implementing the Arab League’s recent resolutions in the field of information and following the procedures taken by Arab media bodies to support the Palestinian cause as well as countering terrorism.

Source : Egypt State Information Service